Who are you? Why should you trust what I'm saying?

My name Florian, I'm 27, and I have a Bachelor in Software Engineering. I started coding very early, when I was about 10/12. I started by making some small websites and app in PHP/HTML/CSS, and I then proceed to make it my job.

I have touched a broad variety of languages and technologies across the years. My current favourite is Golang, but I have done some C#.net/ASP.net, Java, NodeJS/TypeScript/, Clojure, ...

I am currently Tech Lead at SuperAwesome, where I have been promoted to this position a few months after being hired as a Full-Stack Software Engineer. Before that, I was building softwares for various private and public company with Infoteam in Switzerland. My career started as I&S Specialist at OTIS Switzerland.

I decided to start this blog to share my knowledge, failures, ideas and learning to the outside world.

DISCLAIMER: Opinions are my own and not the views of neither my current employer nor former employers.